Fashion down vests for office men

For men in the workplace, wearing down coats is not very stylish in the office building, and it runs counter to the image of the workplace. Well, if you learn to match the down vest, all the problems will be solved. Since the sports wind is durable, you can also use a down vest to match a thick Baseball Shirt like this.

The lattice shirt and the light weight Satin feather vest are overlapped inside, which is quite Japanese style. It is different from the sports elements of Baseball Jersey. The green small collar down feather vest, the color of the jump to the winter, inject vitality with the dark colored woollen windbreaker, and at the same time achieve the two thin and warm.

The suit is covered with Down Vest, which is not too handsome. When collocation, must pay attention to the color coordination, silver reflective fabric of the feather vest, every detail is the essential of the tide, with the ink green suit, it is a man’s winter fashion mark.


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