The thicker the down jacket is, the warmer the down jacket is

Look at the down weight of the down jacket, the higher the amount of cashmere, the better the warmth retention property. At the same time, we need to see the ingredients of feather, and the warmth of goose down is better than that of duck down. In general, clothes are of the same size and lighter weight. Under the same weight, the down weight should be more than two times the volume of cotton.

There are too large, too thick long hairs or hair stalks, indicating that the amount of cashmere is not too high. Rubbing down down clothing with both hands, if there is plush drilling, indicating that the down proof fabric’s performance is not good, it will affect the warmth retention. It is recommended not to buy.

Most of the down garments are not labeled fluffy. How should we judge them? The down jacket can be folded to the minimum state, and it can be restored to its original state in a short time. It shows that the fluffy degree is high and the cashmere content is high. Conversely, the fluffy degree is not high.


Down jackets meet the needs of different people

Autumn clothing new clothes, down clothes have been listed, the reporter visited the market found that the style of the sleeveless sleeves can be favored by consumers, a garment to wear different feelings, to meet the different needs of collocation, both warm and practical!

Sales staff in the shopping mall are also very busy, a brand cabinet sales staff in the interview with the new culture reporter: warmth is the primary condition for the selection of clothing in autumn and winter. In the early and late autumn and late temperature difference, the new cotton clothes and down clothes are more functional in the design. A garment wears out different fashion experiences, and its high price performance ratio makes it the main force of sales of autumn winter clothing.

There are discounts on the new feather clothes, and the sleeves of the down jacket I choose can be unloaded. After all, the down clothes are a bit early, but it is right to wear a jacket after it becomes a down vest, and a down and winter two season can be worn and the price ratio is very high.

Fashion down vests for office men

For men in the workplace, wearing down coats is not very stylish in the office building, and it runs counter to the image of the workplace. Well, if you learn to match the down vest, all the problems will be solved. Since the sports wind is durable, you can also use a down vest to match a thick Baseball Shirt like this.

The lattice shirt and the light weight Satin feather vest are overlapped inside, which is quite Japanese style. It is different from the sports elements of Baseball Jersey. The green small collar down feather vest, the color of the jump to the winter, inject vitality with the dark colored woollen windbreaker, and at the same time achieve the two thin and warm.

The suit is covered with Down Vest, which is not too handsome. When collocation, must pay attention to the color coordination, silver reflective fabric of the feather vest, every detail is the essential of the tide, with the ink green suit, it is a man’s winter fashion mark.

4 fashion ways of wearing down vest

It is getting colder and colder. You may only take out the coat and feather in the wardrobe, but we all ignore the suit vest, the cowboy vest, the down vest and so on. As the fashion man knows it is the best in winter, and it is a surprise to you. If not, after reading, may consider buying.

Denim has always been the favorite element of fashion. Apart from improving the overall shape, it has increased the sense of roughness and looks more personal. Don’t think the cowboy vest can be worn outside. Actually, it is nice to wear a coat or a leather jacket.

Who said that the suit vest is only suitable for formal occasions, or does it have to wear a suit coat? A type of man simply wears a shirt in it and rolls up its sleeves to create a sense of ease, with jeans and a little casual style. If you want to have a warm function, you can choose a heavy waistcoat with heavy material.

How should you keep your down jacket well?

Though the weather is cloudy and sunny now, the pace of spring is beginning to approach. The down jacket is temporarily out of reach, but for beautiful MM, it’s a dilemma to keep warm and stylish. How can you hope to be wrapped like a bear? So when you want to keep warm and have style, then the down jacket is the most suitable for this period.

The feather jacket is casual, and it is mostly for high waist, highlighting the upper body, cutting streamline, sports fashion, easy mix up, and more suitable for young people. But often wearing, easy to dirty, and winter coat is the most laziest washing, and it is a hard thing to take thick clothes like down clothes. How do you manage to wear a down jacket in winter to ensure that it is as bright as second years? Xiaobian is here not only to teach you how to dress up, but also to buy one get one and teach you how to manage the down jacket.

Bright red, do not think it is difficult to wear out, in fact, in cold weather days, it is even more need for such a color to activate the atmosphere. And this kind of red needs to match with the more pure color, while white + Black + Red is classic. And this big red can also make the skin of MM look bright and white, and the whole people are very spirit.

Down jacket needs to be handwashed

“The down clothing is to keep warm, the down clothes must be a bit thicker, and the first choice is the long down clothes, which is enough to keep warm, but the down clothes are getting thinner and thinner than before, but they are doubtful still warm and not warm,” said Xu.

A well-known down jacket brand cabinet staff members, everyone is feeling the thinner clothing thinner, mainly the quality of the plush has undergone a large change, before the cashmere, there will be a lot of duck down, many people can see, from down clothes out of some of the villi mostly have a long cashmere . But now the duck’s down rod will be much less, most of which are the villi on the tip of the duck’s down, and this part is usually thin and soft, and the villi itself is very thin, so many people think the down clothes have become thinner. In the sales, the staff often hear the people say that the down jacket is so thin and how to keep warm. In fact, warmth retention is mainly determined by the amount of cashmere and the amount of filling, not the thickness and weight.

In the cabinet, people can see that down clothes are not only long, some short duvet jackets, down vest is also very many, style also have A version of loose style, waist repair style, and other styles, but according to the staff, most of the citizens in the purchase of down clothes, are the first choice of long down clothes.