Down jacket needs to be handwashed

“The down clothing is to keep warm, the down clothes must be a bit thicker, and the first choice is the long down clothes, which is enough to keep warm, but the down clothes are getting thinner and thinner than before, but they are doubtful still warm and not warm,” said Xu.

A well-known down jacket brand cabinet staff members, everyone is feeling the thinner clothing thinner, mainly the quality of the plush has undergone a large change, before the cashmere, there will be a lot of duck down, many people can see, from down clothes out of some of the villi mostly have a long cashmere . But now the duck’s down rod will be much less, most of which are the villi on the tip of the duck’s down, and this part is usually thin and soft, and the villi itself is very thin, so many people think the down clothes have become thinner. In the sales, the staff often hear the people say that the down jacket is so thin and how to keep warm. In fact, warmth retention is mainly determined by the amount of cashmere and the amount of filling, not the thickness and weight.

In the cabinet, people can see that down clothes are not only long, some short duvet jackets, down vest is also very many, style also have A version of loose style, waist repair style, and other styles, but according to the staff, most of the citizens in the purchase of down clothes, are the first choice of long down clothes.