How should you keep your down jacket well?

Though the weather is cloudy and sunny now, the pace of spring is beginning to approach. The down jacket is temporarily out of reach, but for beautiful MM, it’s a dilemma to keep warm and stylish. How can you hope to be wrapped like a bear? So when you want to keep warm and have style, then the down jacket is the most suitable for this period.

The feather jacket is casual, and it is mostly for high waist, highlighting the upper body, cutting streamline, sports fashion, easy mix up, and more suitable for young people. But often wearing, easy to dirty, and winter coat is the most laziest washing, and it is a hard thing to take thick clothes like down clothes. How do you manage to wear a down jacket in winter to ensure that it is as bright as second years? Xiaobian is here not only to teach you how to dress up, but also to buy one get one and teach you how to manage the down jacket.

Bright red, do not think it is difficult to wear out, in fact, in cold weather days, it is even more need for such a color to activate the atmosphere. And this kind of red needs to match with the more pure color, while white + Black + Red is classic. And this big red can also make the skin of MM look bright and white, and the whole people are very spirit.