4 fashion ways of wearing down vest

It is getting colder and colder. You may only take out the coat and feather in the wardrobe, but we all ignore the suit vest, the cowboy vest, the down vest and so on. As the fashion man knows it is the best in winter, and it is a surprise to you. If not, after reading, may consider buying.

Denim has always been the favorite element of fashion. Apart from improving the overall shape, it has increased the sense of roughness and looks more personal. Don’t think the cowboy vest can be worn outside. Actually, it is nice to wear a coat or a leather jacket.

Who said that the suit vest is only suitable for formal occasions, or does it have to wear a suit coat? A type of man simply wears a shirt in it and rolls up its sleeves to create a sense of ease, with jeans and a little casual style. If you want to have a warm function, you can choose a heavy waistcoat with heavy material.