Down jackets meet the needs of different people

Autumn clothing new clothes, down clothes have been listed, the reporter visited the market found that the style of the sleeveless sleeves can be favored by consumers, a garment to wear different feelings, to meet the different needs of collocation, both warm and practical!

Sales staff in the shopping mall are also very busy, a brand cabinet sales staff in the interview with the new culture reporter: warmth is the primary condition for the selection of clothing in autumn and winter. In the early and late autumn and late temperature difference, the new cotton clothes and down clothes are more functional in the design. A garment wears out different fashion experiences, and its high price performance ratio makes it the main force of sales of autumn winter clothing.

There are discounts on the new feather clothes, and the sleeves of the down jacket I choose can be unloaded. After all, the down clothes are a bit early, but it is right to wear a jacket after it becomes a down vest, and a down and winter two season can be worn and the price ratio is very high.