The thicker the down jacket is, the warmer the down jacket is

Look at the down weight of the down jacket, the higher the amount of cashmere, the better the warmth retention property. At the same time, we need to see the ingredients of feather, and the warmth of goose down is better than that of duck down. In general, clothes are of the same size and lighter weight. Under the same weight, the down weight should be more than two times the volume of cotton.

There are too large, too thick long hairs or hair stalks, indicating that the amount of cashmere is not too high. Rubbing down down clothing with both hands, if there is plush drilling, indicating that the down proof fabric’s performance is not good, it will affect the warmth retention. It is recommended not to buy.

Most of the down garments are not labeled fluffy. How should we judge them? The down jacket can be folded to the minimum state, and it can be restored to its original state in a short time. It shows that the fluffy degree is high and the cashmere content is high. Conversely, the fluffy degree is not high.